An Honest Electrician!

An Honest Electrician who can find? Believe it or not we are still out there. I’m Tom Furst, the owner of Furst Electric and I’m one. We are a small family owned and operated business trying to make a living as best we can in this faltering economy but not at the expense of our personal integrity. We treat others as we want to be treated. The golden rule has served us well in the past and will continue to guide us even through tough economic times. We believe in giving honest assessments and educating our customers, giving them all the options so that they can make intelligent decisions about their electrical project. We then follow through and do what we say we will do always guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that this is the way to build a solid business and that it will work irregardless of economic conditions.

Furst Electric is A family owned licensed electrical contractor. We provide electrician services in the Atlanta Metro area. Call Tom at *** 770 883 0968 *** for promt, professional service or visit us at

Furst in Quality, Furst in Service, Furst Electric for all your wiring needs! Expert troubleshooting! 20 years experience! We serve industrial, commercial and residential customers who need lighting, wiring installation or repair, Panel Upgrades, Plugs, Switches, Fans, Motors, controls, code compliance corrections, Data, Phone, TV cabling and more!

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